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Biographical entry Biddulph, Ellen Caroline (1855 - 1917)

Singleton, New South Wales, Australia
22 November 1917
Springsure, Queensland, Australia
Botanical collector


Ellen Biddulph collected plant specimens in central Queensland in the 1890s, sending them to the Victorian Government Botanist Ferdinand von Mueller in Melbourne for identification. The National Herbarium of Victoria holds nearly 400 of her specimens, as well as over 500 collected by her nieces Alice Caroline Biddulph (1873 - 1971) and Florence Frances Biddulph (1879 - 1964), sister Harriette Sophia Biddulph (1839 - 1940), and sister-in-law Ada Foot (1861 - 1901).

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  • Maroske, Sara and Vaughan, Alison, 'Ferdinand Mueller's Female Plant Collectors: a Biographical Register', Muelleria, 32 (2014), 92-172. Details

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