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Corporate entry Institution of Engineers, Australia (1919 - )

1 August 1919
Barton, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Association and Society or membership organisation
Alternative Names
  • Engineers Australia
Reference No
ABN: 63 020 415 510
Engineering House, 11 National Circuit, Barton, Australian Capital Territory 2600


The Institution of Engineers, Australia was first established in 1919, as a result of the amalgamation of 12 existing engineering societies in Australia. From their Web site, July 2002: "The Institution of Engineers Australia (IEAust) is the largest and most diverse engineering association in Australia, with approximately 60 000 members. Like most professional associations, it provides a wide range of benefits, facilities and services to help members achieve their personal and professional goals. It delivers these benefits and services efficiently, providing maximum benefit for the lowest cost."


 1870 - 1919 Engineering Association of New South Wales
 1883 - 1949 Victorian Institute of Engineers
 1889 - c. 1919 Northern Engineering Institute of New South Wales
 1895 - 1919 Sydney University Engineering Society
 1909 - c. 1919 Western Australian Institution of Engineers
 1913 - c. 1919 South Australian Institute of Engineers
 1918 - 1919 Tasmanian Institution of Engineers
       1919 - Institution of Engineers, Australia

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Archival resources

State Library of Victoria, Australian Manuscripts Collection

  • Records, ca. 1883-1980. [manuscript], c. 1883 - 1980, MS 11170; Institution of Engineers, Australia. Victoria Division.; State Library of Victoria, Australian Manuscripts Collection. Details

Published resources


  • Corbett, Arthur Hardie, The Institution of Engineers, Australia: a history of the first fifty years, 1919-1969 (Sydney: Institution of Engineers, 1973), 288 pp. Details
  • Engineers Australia, Anything is possible: 100 Australian engineering leaders (Barton, A.C.T.: Institution of Engineers Australia, 2019), 136 pp. Details
  • Engineers Australia, Wonders never cease: 100 Australian engineering achievements (Barton, Australian Capital Territory: Institution of Engineers, Australia, 2019), 236 pp. Details

Journal Articles

  • Avigdor, 'Journal of the Institute of Engineers Australia 1929-1976', Journal of the Institute of Engineers Australia, 48 (9-10) (1976), 3-9. Details


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