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Biographical entry L'Estrange, William Mandeville Ellis (1868 - 1951)

11 December 1868
Dublin, Ireland
20 December 1951
Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia
Electrical engineer


William L'Estrange was an electrical engineer who played leading roles in the companies that provided electricity to Brisbane and Townsville. After arriving in Brisbane in 1886 he worked in surveying until joining the Brisbane Electric Supply Co. in 1893. He returned to the United Kingdom in 1898 to negotiate the acquisition of equipment for his employer. Before returning to Queensland, he studied electrical engineering and gained professional experience in the U.S.A. L'Estrange rose to be Managing Director and Chairman of the Ipswich Electric Supply Co. Ltd. He was active in the Queensland Institute of Engineers and the Brisbane Division, Institution of Engineers, Australia. L'Estrange favoured legislation to allow overhead rather than underground reticulation of electricity supply. He also advocated improved road construction programs and the creation of a department of highways to control road-making.



Life event - Migrated to Queensland
1893 - 1900
Career position - Engineer, Brisbane Electric Supply Co. Ltd
1900 - 1912
Career position - Secretary, Brisbane (later City) Electric Supply Co. Ltd
Career position - President, Queensland Institute of Engineers
1912 - 1917
Career position - Joint Manager and Engineer, City Electric Light Company Ltd
1913 -
Career position - Member, Institute of Electrical Engineers
1913 -
Career position - Chairman, Queensland State Repatriation Board
1917 - 1927
Career position - Secretary, Ipswich Electric Supply Co. Ltd
1927 - 1935
Career position - Member of the Senate, University of Queensland
1933 - 1935
Career position - Chairman, Brisbane Division, Institution of Engineers, Australia
1933 - 1938
Career position - Chairman, Ipswich Electric Supply Co. Ltd
Life event - Retired

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