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Biographical entry Chapman, Wilfrid Dinsey (1891 - 1955)

16 May 1891
Wandsworth, England
6 May 1955
Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia


Wilfrid Chapman made his name as a pioneer in the use of electric arc welding for structural purposes. In 1931 Chapman joined E.M.F. Electric Co. Pty Ltd as engineer in charge of research and development. He made significant advances in the theory and practice of electric welding, and did much to spread knowledge of the new technology among practising engineers. He moved to Australian Paper Manufacturers Ltd in 1936. As engineer for development and research for the Maryvale pulp-mill he travelled in Gippsland, which deepened his interest in the region's forests.


In 1947, Eucalyptus chapmania (Cameron), also known as Bogong Snow Gum, was named for him. Wilfred Chapman was the first to discover the tree while being part-time commissioner of the Victorian State Electricity Commission and involved in the Hydro Scheme planning. One tree was marked with a commemorative plaque and was a landmark beside the road between Mount Beauty and Falls Creek. Despite being severely burnt in the 2003 fires, it resprouted but died a few years later. A sample of the Bogong Snow Gum was planted in the Maranoa Gardens in Balwyn, Victoria and is identified by a plaque. His father Frederick Chapman had contributed in setting up the Maranoa Gardens.

He is recognised and memorialised by the silver "Dr. Wilfred Chapman Medal" awarded by the Australian Welding Institute.


Career event - Foundation Associate Member (AMIEAust), Institution of Engineers Australia
Education - Bachelor of Civil Engineering (BCE), University of Melbourne
Taxonomy event - Eucalyptus chapmaniana Cameron was named in honour of Chapman, who identified the type


  • Moon, Allan Ramsay (1898 - 1951)

    Chapman and Moon graduated together at the University of Melbourne, and both became pioneers and leaders in the development and application of electric arc welding.

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