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Award W. H. Warren Medal (1926 - )

7 Jul 1926
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Alternative Names
  • W. H. Warren Award (Also known as, 1976 - )
  • Warren Memorial Prize (Former name, 1929 - 1975)


The W. H. Warren Medal was established by the Institution of Engineers, Australia to perpetuate the memory of the first President of the Institution, the late Professor William Henry Warren, Professor of Engineering at the University of Sydney from 1884 to 1925.


Originally this award was proposed to be in the form of a "premium" for the best paper presented in each year on some civil engineering subject, by a member of the Institution, published by the Institution in its Transactions/Journals.
* From 1929 to 1975, the "Warren Memorial Prize" was awarded by the Institution in the form of a book, with a bookplate.
* From 1975 the renamed "W. H. Warren Award" was warded by the Civil Engineering College, in the form of a certificate and an engraved bronze "W. H. Warren Medal" "for achievement in Civil Engineering".
* From 1996, the scope was extended to include non refereed reviewed papers, such as papers presented at conferences, and technical meetings, and the like.

Related People

  • Antill, James Macquarie (1912 - 1994)

    Awarded Warren Memorial Prize 1951, with Rea, R.L. for paper "Experiences in Rock Drilling with Tungsten Carbide Tipped Bits", Jour.IEA, Vol.23, 1951, pp.97-111

  • Burn, Alan (1889 - 1959)

    Awarded Warren Memorial Prize 1939, for paper "The Effect of Deflection of the Supporting Beams on the Bending Moments in a Uniformly Loaded Slab", Jour.IEA, Vol.13, 1941, pp.131-137.

  • Corlette, James Montagu Christian (1880 - 1969)

    Awarded Warren Memorial Prize 1945, for paper "Water Supply for Newcastle, N.S.W., from the Tomago Sand beds", Jour.IEA, Vol.16, 1944, pp.137-147, 161-171.

  • Davis, Edward Hughesdon (1920 - 1981)

    Awarded Warren Memorial Prize 1972, with Poulos, H.G. for paper "The analysis of Pile Raft Systems", Aust.Geomech.Jour. Vol.G2, 1972, pp.21-27.

  • Dumas, Russell John (1887 - 1975)

    Awarded Warren Memorial Prize 1942, with Macbeth, R. A. for paper "Design of Samson Brook and Stirling Dams, Western Australia", Jour.IEA, Vol.13, 1941, pp.231-239.

  • Horsfall, Robert Allan (1909 - 1974)

    Awarded Warren Memorial Prize 1950, for paper "Planning Irrigation Projects", Jour.IEA, Vol.22, 1950, pp.129-139.

  • Lay, Maxwell Gordon (1936 - )

    Awarded W. H. Warren Medal 1980, for paper "Elastic Buckling and Structural Reality." Civ.Eng. Trans. IEA, Vol.CE22, 1980, pp186-192

  • Leech, Thomas David James (1902 - 1973)

    Awarded Warren Memorial Prize 1935 and 1969. 1935 for paper "Technical Investigations by Means of Models - with Special Reference to Fluid Mechanics' Problems", Jour.IEA, Vol.7, 1935, pp.265-281. 1969 for paper "Diffusion Blasting and its Potential for the Development of Australia's Inland Surface Water Resources", Jour.IEA, Vol.41, 1969, pp.165-173.

  • McMahon, Thomas Aquinas (1937 - )

    Awarded W. H. Warren Medal 1978, for paper "Australia's Surface Water Resources: Potential Development based on Hydrologic Factors", Civ.Eng.Trans.IEA, Vol.CE20, 1978, pp.155- 164.

  • Moon, Allan Ramsay (1898 - 1951)

    Awarded Warren Memorial Prize 1930, for paper "Control of Quality in Electrically Welded Steel Structures" Jour.IEA, Selected Papers, Vol.2, 1930, pp.173-182..

  • Poulos, Harry George (1940 - )

    Awarded Warren Memorial Prize 1972, with Davis, E.H.. for paper "The analysis of Pile Raft Systems", Aust.Geomech.Jour., Vol.G2, 1972, pp.21-27. Awarded W H Warren Medal 1985, with Swane, I.C., for paper "Shakedown Analysis of a Laterally Loaded Pile Tested in Stiff Clay", Civ.Eng.Trans.IEA, Vol.CE27, 1985, pp.275-280. .

  • Roberts, James Waller (1871 - 1948)

    Awarded Warren Memorial Prize 1932, for paper "The Clarence River Bridge Part I - Design; Part II - Construction", Jour.IEA, Vol.4, 1932, pp.369-381,405-414.

  • Trollope, David Hugh (Hugh) (1925 - )

    Awarded Warren Memorial Prize 1966, with Freeman, McD., and Peck, G.M. for paper "Tasman Bridge Foundations", Jour.IEA, Vol.38, 1966, pp.117-130.

  • Warren, William Henry (1852 - 1926)

    W. H. Warren Memorial Prize Award named in his honour.

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