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Adelaide City Council Archives
Andrew Thomas - Records
August Wilhelm Pelzer - Records
Edward Angas Johnson - Records
James Parkinson - Records
John Fraser McEachran - Records
T.A. Burrage - Records
Thomas Borthwick - Records
William Charles Douglas Veale - Records
William Charles Douglas Veale - Records
Adolph Basser Library, Australian Academy of Science
4th International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences - Records
Adolph Basser Library Pictorial Collection
Adrien Albert - Records
Adrien Loir - Records
Alan Heywood Voisey - Records
Alan Kenneth Head - Records
Albert Cherbury David Rivett - Records
Albert Lloyd George Rees - Records
Alcheringa: An Australasian Journal of Palaeontology - Records
Alexander Clifford Beauglehole - Records
Alexander David Ross - Records
Alexander John Nicholson - Records
Alexander Killen Macbeth - Records
Alfred Gottschalk - Records
Andrew Crowther Hurley - Records
Andrew J. Moyer - Records
Andrew Reginald Howard Cole - Records
Ann Moyal Collection on Women in Australian Science
Anthony George Maldon Michell - Records
Armin Aleksander Öpik - Records
Arnold Hughes Ennor - Records
Arthur Edward Mills - Records
Arthur John Birch - Records
Arthur Robert Hogg - Records
Arthur Wade - Records
Association of Australasian Palaeontologists - Records
Athelstan Laurence Johnson Beckwith - Records
Austin Burton Edwards - Records
Australian Academy of Science - Records
Australian and New Zealand Society for Mass Spectronomy - Records
Australian Association of Neurologists - Records
Australian Biochemical Society - Records
Australian Botanists - Biographies
Australian Institute of Anatomy - Records
Australian Institute of Geoscientists - Records
Australian Institute of Physics - Papers
Australian Institute of Physics, New South Wales Branch - Records
Australian Institute of Physics, New South Wales Branch - Records
Australian Inventions - Records
Australian Mammal Society - Records
Australian Mathematical Society - Records
Australian Mathematical Society Bulletin - Records
Australian Mathematical Society Gazette - Records
Australian Mathematical Society Journal - Records
Australian National Research Council - Records
Australian National Research Council - Records
Australian Society for Parasitology - Records
Australian Society for Reproductive Biology - Records
Australian Society of Plant Physiologists - Records
Bernhard Hermann Neumann - Records
Boden Conference 1981 - Records
Botany Bay Project - Records
Brian David Outram Anderson - Records
British Science Guild. South Australian Branch - Records
Bryan Harle Gandevia - Records
Charles Angas Hurst - Records
Charles Ernest Weatherburn - Records
Charles Fenner - Records
Charles James Martin - Records
Charles Robert Darwin - Records
Charles Vernon Boys - Records
Christian Carl Ludwig Rümker - Records
Christopher Charles Heyde - Records
Colin Malcolm Donald - Records
Combinatorial Mathematics Society of Australasia - Records
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation - Records
Council of Australian Museum Directors - Records
CSIRO Solar Observatory, Culgara, NSW - Records
Cyril Angus Appleby - Records
David Forbes Martyn - Records
David Guthrie Catcheside - Records
David Orme Masson - Records
David Parker Craig - Records
David Roderick Curtis - Records
David Shepherd North - Records
Douglas Frew Waterhouse - Records
Douglas Geoffrey Lampard - Records
Douglas Mawson - Records
Ecological Society of Australia - Records
Edmund Alfred Cornish - Records
Edward Holbrook Derrick - Records
Edward James Hannan - Records
Edwin Sherbon Hills - Records
Ernest Clayton Andrews - Records
Ernest Rutherford - Records
Ernest William Titterton - Records
Ernest Willington Skeats - Records
Francis Patrick John Dwyer - Records
Frank John Fenner - Records
Frank Leslie Stillwell - Records
Frank Macfarlane Burnet - Records
Frank William Ernest Gibson - Records
Fraser John Bergersen - Records
Frederick George Waterhouse - Records
Frederick William George White - Records
Frederick William Wheatley - Records
Fritz Henry Reuter - Records
Genetics Society of Australia - Records
Genetics Society of Queensland - Records
Geoffrey Malcolm Badger - Records
Geological Society of Australia - Records
Geological Society of Australia, South Australian Division - Records
Geological Society of Australia, Victorian Division - Records
Geological Society of Australia. New South Wales Division - Records
Geological Society of Australia. Queensland Division - Records
Geological Survey of Victoria - Records
George A. McIntyre - Records
George Alfred Julius - Records
George William Kenneth Cavill - Records
Gilbert Percy Whitley - Records
Gordon Leslie Ada - Records
Graeme James Caughley - Records
Grafton Elliot Smith - Records
Guy Kendall White - Records
H. Trevor Clifford - Records
Hanna Neumann - Records
Hans Adolph Buchdahl - Records
Harald Ingemann Jensen - Records
Harold H. Hatt - Records
Harold James Frith - Records
Harry Brookes Allen - Records
Heber Albert Longman - Records
Hedley Ralph Marston - Records
Henry Hacker - Records
Henry Oliver Lancaster - Records
Horatio Scott Carslaw - Records
Human Genetics Society of Australasia - Records
Ian Brown - Records
Ian Gordon Ross - Records
Ian Murray Mackerras - Records
Ian Walter Boothroyd Thornton - Records
Ian William Wark - Records
Industrial Fund for the Advancement of Scientific Education in Schools - Records
International Conference on Combinatorial Theory - Records
International Geological Correlation Programme - Records
International Geophysical Year
International Union of Physiological Sciences - Records
Isaac Herbert Boas - Records
James Arthur Prescott - Records
James Peter Hill - Records
James Thomas Wilson - Records
Johann Georg Adam Forster and Johann Reinhold Forster - Records
Johann Ludwig Gerard Krefft - Records
John Anderson Gilruth - Records
John Carew Eccles - Records
John Conrad Jaeger - Records
John Edwin Rogers Falk - Records
John Henry Michell - Records
John Herbert Rattigan - Records
John Hobart Piddington - Records
John Melvin Swan - Records
John Oswald Newton - Records
John Paul Wild - Records
John Percival Vissing Madsen - Records
John Robert Philip - Records
John Stewart Turner - Records
John Stuart Anderson - Records
John Veysey Sanders - Records
Jose Enrique Moyal - Records
Joseph Garnett Wood - Records
Joseph J.E. Durack - Records
Joseph Lade Pawsey - Records
K. A. W. Crook - Records
Keith Edward Bullen, FAA - Records
Kosciusko State Park - Records
Kurt Mahler - Records
Laurens Gerhard Marinus Baas Becking - Records
Leo Arthur Cotton - Records
Leon Kenney - Records
Leonard George Holden Huxley - Records
Lloyd Thomas Evans - Records
Marcus Laurence Elwin Oliphant - Records
Marjorie Faith Barnard - Records
Marjory Langridge - Records
Max Born - Records
Max Rudolph Lemberg - Records
Maxwell Frank Cooper Day - Records
Maxwell Ralph Jacobs - Records
Mervyn Richard Oke Millett - Records
Mervyn Silas Paterson - Records
Michael E. Hoare - Records
Michael James Denham White - Records
Michael Robert Osborne - Records
Microfilm Collection
Miscellaneous Manuscripts
Mount Stromlo Observatory
National Academies Forum - Records
Neil Hamilton Fairley - Records
Neville Albert Whiffen - Records
Neville Horner Fletcher - Records
Noel Stanley Bayliss - Records
Noel Sydney Hush - Records
Oral Collection
Oscar Werner Tiegs - Records
Otto Herzberg Frankel - Records
Pamela Anne Wills - Records
Patrick Alfred Pierce Moran - Records
Percy Tarlton Rayment - Records
Peter Orlebar Bishop - Records
Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia - Records
Phillip Garth Law - Records
R. Williamson - Records
Ralph Edwin Loughhead - Records
Ralph Tate - Records
Records of the Australian Academy of Science - Records
Richard Daniel Kleeman - Records
Richard Henry Dalitz - Records
Richard van der Riet Woolley - Records
Robert Dickie Watt - Records
Robert John Bray - Records
Robert John Walsh - Records
Robert Kerford Morton - Records
Robert Porter - Records
Robert Scot Skirving - Records
Robert Woodhouse Crompton - Records
Robin R. Curtis - Records
Ronald Aylmer Fisher - Records
Ronald Gordon Giovanelli - Records
Ronald Hamlyn-Harris - Records
Roy Grounds - Records
Royal Anthropological Society of Australasia - Records
Royal Society of Canberra - Records
Rutherford Ness Robertson - Records
SCAR 5th Symposium on Antarctic Biology, Hobart, 29 August-3 September 1988 - Records
Society for Experimental Biology of New South Wales - Records
Society of Chemical Industry in Victoria - Records
Statistical Society of Australia - Records
Susan R. Wilson - Records
Tannatt William Edgeworth David - Records
Thomas Cherry - Records
Thomas Griffith Taylor - Records
Thomas Henry Huxley - Records
Thomas Macfarland Cherry - Records
Thomas Peter Anderson Stuart - Records
Thomas Ranken Lyle - Records
Victor Albert Bailey - Records
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Research in Pathology and Medicine
Walter Geoffrey Duffield - Records
Walter Howchin - Records
Walter Moritz Boas - Records
Werner Strauss - Records
Wilfred Eade Agar - Records
William Branwhite Clarke - Records
William Charles Kernot - Records
William Edwin James - Records
William Hayes - Records
William Johnstone Newbigin - Records
William Sheridan Wall - Records
William Sutherland - Records
Wireless Institute of Victoria - Records
XIII International Botanical Congress, Sydney, 21-28 August 1981 - Records
XIX International Congress of Genetics - Records
The Alfred Nursing Archives
Mavis Avery - Records
Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts
Ferdinand Jakob Heinrich von Mueller - Records
Morton Allport - Records
Anti-Cancer Council of Victoria
Esmond Venner Keogh - Records
Peter MacCallum - Records
Archives Office of Tasmania
Alexander McAulay - Records
Alfred Barrett Biggs - Records
Charles Gould - Records
Edward Albert Counsel - Records
Edward Lodewyk Crowther - Records
Edward Swarbreck Hall - Records
Ernest Carl Edgar Kurth - Records
Ferdinand Jakob Heinrich von Mueller - Records
Ferdinand Jakob Heinrich von Mueller - Records
Ferdinand Jakob Heinrich von Mueller - Records
George Milner Stephen - Records
Gustav Weindorfer - Records
Henry Wilkinson - Records
Ivy Blanche Irene Smith - Records
James Reid Scott - Records
John Franklin - Records
John Helder Wedge - Records
John MacGillivray - Records
Joseph Henry Kay - Records
Michael Sharland - Records
Tasmanian Field Naturalists Club - Records
Theodore Thomas Flynn - Records
Thomas Christie Smart - Records
Thomas James Lempriere - Records
William Alcock Tully - Records
William Archer - Records
William Edward Lodewyk H. Crowther - Records
William Lodewyk Crowther - Records
Archives Rare Books and Special Collections Unit, Auchmuty Library, University of Newcastle
R.W. Goodall - Records
Art Gallery of New South Wales
Paul Foelsche : Australian Art and Artists file
Astronomical Society of South Australia
Robert William Chapman - Records
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited
Alfred Felton - Records
George Frederic Verdon - Records
Australian Council for Educational Research
Kenneth Stewart Cunningham - Records
Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS)
John Mathew - Records
Australian Medical Association (Victorian Branch)
James Edward Neild - Records
James Thomas Rudall - Records
John Burton Cleland - Records
Louis Lawrence Smith - Records
William Thomson - Records
Australian Museum
Alexander Walker Scott Records
Alexander Walker Scott - Records
Alexander Walker Scott - Records
Alexander Walker Scott - Records
Anthony Musgrave - Records
Charles Hedley - Records
Charles Hedley - Records
Edward Pearson Ramsay - Records
Gilbert Percy Whitley - Records
Gilbert Percy Whitley - Records
Gustavus Athol Waterhouse - Records
Helena Scott - Records
Henry James Burrell - Records
Johann Ludwig Gerard Krefft - Records
Johann Ludwig Gerard Krefft - Records
Johann Ludwig Gerard Krefft - Records
Papers of Harriet and Helena Scott.
Papers of Harriet and Helena Scott.
Thomas Steel - Records
William Branwhite Clarke - Records
Australian National Insect Collection, CSIRO
Michael James Denham White - Records
Percy Tarlton Rayment - Records
Thomas Gibson Sloane - Records
Australian National University Archives
Arnotts Ltd - Records
Australian Association of Scientific Workers, Federal Council - Records
Australian National University Library, Rare Books and Manuscripts
John Michael Higgins - Records
Australian Nurses Federation, Brisbane
Ellen Barron - Records
Florence Chatfield - Records
Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre, University of Melbourne
Audio diary and notes of Neville Whiffen
Audio of interview with Herbert C. Corben
Audio of interview with P.G. Law
Audio of interview with Sir Fredrick White
Audio of interview with Thomas Rankin Lyle
Audio of Professor H.C. Bolton's lecture Early optics in Melbourne
Audio of Sir Harrie Massey's 1980 T.H. Laby Centennial Lecture
Audio tape of interview with P. G. Morrison
Interview with Dr. R. K. Murphy - father of chemical engineering in Australia
Australian War Memorial Research Centre
Annie Laidlaw, Portrait
Arthur Graham Butler - Records
Barbara Moriarty, Records
Eileen MacIntyre (nee Parry), Records
Elizabeth Larke, Records
Ellen Julia Gould - Records
Ethel Gray, Portrait
Ethel Gray, Portrait
Ethel Gray, Portrait
Ethel Gray, Records
Ethel Gray, Records
Frederick William Wheatley - Records
Grace Wilson, Portrait
Grace Wilson, Portrait
Horatio Victor Patrick Conrick - Records
Interview with Joyce Whitworth (sound recording), interviewer: Judy Wing
Jeffrey, (Agnes) Betty (Lieutenant, 2/10 Australian General Hospital, AIF b: 1908)
Joyce Whitworth, Portrait
Joyce Whitworth, Portrait
Letters of Muriel Knox Doherty (Matron)
Lewis Wibmer Jeffries - Records
Lieutenant Colonel Kathleen Best, Portrait
Lilian Smairl, Records
Margaret Lang, Portrait
Margaret Lang, Portrait
Michael Henry Downey - Records
[Original title too long] Interview of George Humphrey by Alastair Cooper
Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service - Photographs
Report on tour of Duty to Sumatra by Col Ann N Sage Matron-in-Chief, AANS
Richard Herbert Fetherston - Records
Rosa Angela Kirkcaldie - Records
Sage, Annie Moriah (Matron b: 1895 d: 1969)
Scrapbooks, letters and papers of Muriel Knox Doherty (Matron, RRC, AANS and RAAF Nursing Service)
Winifred Mackenzie, Portrait