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W L Crowther Library, State Library of Tasmania
William Edward Lodewyk H. Crowther - Records
Waite Agricultural Research Institute
Arnold Edwin Victor Richardson - Records
Colin Malcolm Donald - Records
Hugh Christian Trumble - Records
James Arthur Prescott - Records
James Melville - Records
James Patrick Quirk - Records
John Burton Cleland - Records
Noel Thomas Flentje - Records
Thomas Oakley Browning - Records
The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
Gustav Joseph Victor Nossal - Records
Wesley College, Melbourne
Henry Martyn Andrew - Records
Western Australia Herbarium
Alexander Clifford Beauglehole - Records
Charles Austin Gardner - Records
Ferdinand Jakob Heinrich von Mueller - Records
James Drummond - Records
John Gilbert - Records
John Gould - Records
Joseph Henry Maiden - Records
William Edward Blackall - Records
William Vincent Fitzgerald - Records
Western Australian Museum
A. Chapman - Records
A.C. Elliott - Records
Athol M. Douglas - Records
Charles Grenfell Nicolay - Records
David E. Hutchison - Records
Duncan Merrilees - Records
Edward Sydney Simpson - Records
Frederick E. Wells - Records
G.F. Mees - Records
George Shenton - Records
George W. Kendrick - Records
Glen Milton Storr - Records
Hubert Massey Whittell - Records
J. McIlroy - Records
James Hector - Records
John Dell - Records
John T. Tunney - Records
Julian Ralph Ford - Records
Laurence Alec Smith - Records
Loisette M. Marsh - Records
Ludwig Glauert - Records
Margaret Helen Henderson - Records
Michael Archer - Records
O.H. Lipfert - Records
Orfield Thomas - Records
R. How - Records
Ray W. George - Records
Roley McKay - Records
Ronald E. Johnstone - Records
Steve Brown - Records
Thomas Henry Bowyer-Bower - Records
Victor Franz Paul Streich - Records
Wilfred Backhouse Alexander - Records
William David Lindsay Ride - Records
William Henry (Harry) Butler - Records