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Collection Title
Walter Geoffrey Duffield - Records
Adolph Basser Library, Australian Academy of Science
MS 095
Date Range
1880 - 1987

Personal records 1880-1983, most 1890s-1920s including biographical material 1896-1983; published articles and other writings 1894-1928; family records 1906-60; material on the Solar Physics Observatory, Mt Stromlo 1880-1967; University of Reading 1910-1983; notes, correspondence and press cuttings 1906-27; photographs 1880-1920; audio recording 1987 [116 cm, MS 95].

Audio and Photographs
10 boxes (1.16 m)
Available for reference
Finding Aid

McCarthy, Gavan; Sankey, Howard, Walter Geoffrey Duffield Guide to Records, Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre, Melbourne, 2004, Details

McCarthy, Gavan; Sankey, Howard, The Papers of Walter Geoffrey Duffield (1879-1929) (Melbourne: Australian Science Archives Project, 1987), 29 pp. Details