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Canberra and District Historical Society
Charles Robert Scrivener - Records
[Sylvia Curley]
Charles Brothers Museum, Mental Health Library, Office of Psychiatric Services
William Ernest Jones - Records
Charles Sturt University Regional Archives
John Allan Gibson - Records
John Allan Gibson - Records
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Walter Frederick Gale - Records
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Corporate Records and Archives Strategies
Albert Cherbury David Rivett - Records
Arnold Edwin Victor Richardson - Records
Charles James Martin - Records
David Forbes Martyn - Records
David Henry Solomon - Records
Edward Alexander Mann - Records
Ernest Willington Skeats - Records
Frances Elizabeth Allan - Records
George Alfred Julius - Records
Gustavus Athol Waterhouse - Records
Helen Alma Newton Turner - Records
Ian Clunies Ross - Records
Ian William Wark - Records
Inigo Owen Jones - Records
Ivan Edgar Newnham - Records
Joseph ("Pat") Calvert - Records
Kathleen Rachel Makinson - Records
Lawrence Percival Coombes - Records
Louis Reginald Samuel Benjamin - Records
Norman Keith Boardman - Records
Otto Herzberg Frankel - Records
Robin John Tillyard - Records
Stewart Henry Bastow - Records
Thorburn Brailsford Robertson - Records
Trevor Pearcey - Records
Valentine George Anderson - Records
William Aitcheson Haswell - Records
Cornell University, USA
Percy Tarlton Rayment - Records
CSL Archives
Harold Clyde Cochrane - Records
CSR Library
Dudley Francis John Harricks - Records