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Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Community History Collection
Alexander Morton - Records
Gustav Weindorfer - Records
Herbert Hedley Scott - Records
John Franklin - Records
Robert Lawrence - Records
Ronald Campbell Gunn - Records
Queensland Department of Education
Sydney Barber Josiah Skertchly - Records
Queensland Department of Primary Industry, Indooroopilly
Henry Tryon - Records
Queensland Herbarium
Arthur Temple Clark - Records
Charles Augustus Leaver - Records
Cyril Tenison White - Records
Frederick Manson Bailey - Records
John (1) Bailey - Records
John Carne Bidwill - Records
John Frederick Bailey - Records
L. Pedley - Records
Leonard J. Webb - Records
Leonard G. Dovey - Records
Leonard J. Brass - Records
Lindsay S. Smith - Records
Mary Strong Clemens - Records
Robert W. Johnson - Records
S.F. Kajewski - Records
Selwyn L. Everist - Records
Stanley T. Blake - Records
Sydney Barber Josiah Skertchly - Records
Trevor Hunt - Records
Walter Harrison - Records
Walter Hill - Records
William Douglas Francis - Records
Queensland Museum Archives
James Douglas Ogilby - Records
Queensland Museum Library
Charles Coxen - Records
Charles Walter De Vis - Records
Christopher D'Oyly Hale Aplin - Records
George Mack - Records
Heber Albert Longman - Records
Karl Theodor Staiger - Records
Kendall Broadbent - Records
Ronald Hamlyn-Harris - Records
Queensland State Archives
Burdekin River Authority Files
Co-ordinator General's Subject Files
Correspondence Files [Bureau of Industry/Co-ordinator General's Office]
Ellen Barron - Records
Ernest Sandford Jackson - Records
Florence Chatfield - Records
Henry Tryon - Records
Indexes to Letterbooks - Land Matters
John Edward Stacy - Records
John Mathew - Records
Louis Lawrence Smith - Records
Luigi Maria D'Albertis - Records
Minutes and Correspondence
Montreal - South Shore Bridge Plans
Plan of Fortitude Valley
Real Property Dealings
Registers of Resumptions
Reports and Correspondence
Stanley River Regional Survey Maps
Story Bridge Blueprints
Story Bridge Exhibition Blueprints
Sydney Barber Josiah Skertchly - Records
Walter Edmund Roth - Records
William Alexander Jenyns Boyd - Records