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Baker Medical Research Institute
John Fullarton Mackeddie - Records
Barr Smith Library, Special Collections, The University of Adelaide
Brian Daily - Records
Cedric Stanton Hicks - Records
Constance Margaret Eardley - Records
Daisy May Bates - Records
Douglas Mawson - Records
Ferdinand Jakob Heinrich von Mueller - Records
Geoffrey Malcolm Badger - Records
George Harris Sarjeant Dovers - Records
Henry Herman Leopold Adolph Brose - Records
Herbert George Andrewartha - Records
Herbert Sydney Green - Records
Horace Lamb - Records
John Burton Cleland - Records
Kerr Grant - Records
Marcus Laurence Elwin Oliphant - Records
The Papers of Professor Andrew Arthur Abbie, 1905-76
Professor Sir Kerr Grant, 1878-1967 - Papers
Ralph Tate - Records
Richard Sanders Rogers - Records
Robert Bedford - Records
Robert William Chapman - Records
Robin Langford Oliver - Records
Ronald Aylmer Fisher - Records
Theodore George Bentley Osborn - Records
Thomas Draper Campbell - Records
Thomas Harvey Johnston - Records
Thorburn Brailsford Robertson - Records
Walter Howchin - Records
Walter Victor Macfarlane - Records
William H. Bragg and William L. (Lawrence) Bragg - Research Records of John Jenkin
Botanic Gardens of Adelaide and State Herbarium
George William Francis - Records
Moritz Richard Schomburgk - Records
Richard Sanders Rogers - Records
British Red Cross Society, Melbourne
Edith Helen Barrett - Records
Broken Hill Proprietary Co Ltd
Archibald Drummond Carmichael - Records
Edward James Horwood - Records
Edwin Thomas Henderson - Records
Guillaume Daniel Delprat - Records
Herman Henry Schlapp - Records
Howard Knox Worner - Records
Leslie Bradford - Records
Robert George Ward - Records
William Jamieson - Records
Bureau of Meteorology, National Meterorological Library
The Gordon Tralaggan cloud slide collection
Grimwade collection of newspaper cuttings on Australian meteorology, covering the period 1932 to 1990
The W.J. Gibbs collection
Bush Nursing Association of Victoria
Edith Helen Barrett - Records
Byrd Polar Research Center
The Papers of Sir George Hubert Wilkins