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Collection Title
Andrew Crowther Hurley - Records
Adolph Basser Library, Australian Academy of Science
MS 174
Date Range
1944 - 1988

A comprehensive body of records including personal and biographical material 1944-88; theses 1949-53; student notebooks and lecture notes 1950-66; lectures and talks 1950s-85; material relating to his two books 1962-80; working papers concerned with his scientific articles 1950-88; correspondence 1964-87, major correspondents being P. Taylor, D. Coxeter, A.D. Buckingham, D.P. Craig, R.D. Brown, P.-O. Lowdin, and K. Ruedenberg; records relating to CSIRO Division of Chemical Physics 1949-87 [2.5 m, MS 174].

Digital and Photographs
18 boxes (2.45 m)
Available for reference
Finding Aid

Gavan McCarthy, Andrew Crowther Hurley Guide to Records, Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre, Melbourne, 2004, Details

McCarthy, Gavan, The Records of Andrew Crowther Hurley (1926-1988) (Melbourne: Australian Science Archives Project, 1989), 41 pp. Details