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Journal The Victorian naturalist (1884 - )

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


The Victorian naturalist: the journal and magazine of the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria (ISBN 0042-5184) has been published by the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria since 1884, making it one of the oldest, continuously-published scientific journals in Australia. The Club began the journal to provide an avenue for local publication of material on any aspect of natural history of interest to naturalists, and to report on the Club's proceedings, excursions and events. Editors have included Arthur Lucas, Francis Barnard, Charles Barrett, Alec Chisholm, Norman Wakefield and Jim Willis. It was initially issued monthly, changing to six issues per year with volume 92 (1975). The subtitle varied and was dropped from volume 76. Volumes 1-70 were made available by the Club on DVD, and recent volumes are available electronically

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Published resources


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Journal Articles

  • Archer, Melanie, 'Changes in the content of The Victorian naturalist between 1884 and 2004', Victorian Naturalist, 122 (6) (2005), 340-8. Details
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See also

  • Presland, Gary, Understanding our natural world: the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria 1880 - 2015 (Blackburn, Vic.: Field Naturalists Club of Victoria, 2016), 275 pp. Details

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