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Collection Title
Department of Otolaryngology - Bionic Ear Records
The University of Melbourne Archives
2004.0043 at U77/46-55
Date Range
1949 - 2000

The 'Department of Otolaryngology - Bionic Ear Records' consist of 192 boxes at the University of Melbourne Archives. The records related to Professor Graeme Clark's (and associates) research activities at the University of Melbourne's Department of Otolaryngology, Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, and, the Bionic Ear Institute.

Series/subjects include:
General Administration; Funding; Hearing Prosthesis Project; Nucleus and Cochlear; Food and Drug Administration; Conferences, Promotional Materials, Advertising; Journals; Research and Development; Protocol Books; Personal Notebooks; Patents; Theses and Reprints; Surgical Techniques and Developments; Patient Case Histories and Ethics Committee; Overseas Patient Evaluation; Photographs and Slides; Children's Clinical Program; Australian Bionic Ear and Hearing Research Institute; and US National Institute of Health (NIH); Audiology; Tickle Talker; Museum of Victoria RE Bionic Ear Collection; Human Communication Research Centre (HCRC); External Organisations; Departmental Publications; Research; National Health and Medical Research Council (NH&MRC); Cochlear Implantation for Infants and Children; Singular Publishing Group Inc.; The Cooperative Research Centre for Cochlear Implant, Speech and Hearing Research (CRC); Administration; Financial; Correspondence; Professor Clark's Personal Files; Staff Research; GMC Lectures and Talks; Cochlear Implant Clinic Ltd; Conferences; National Institutes of Health.

Records from: Professor Graeme Clark, Dr Peter Blamey (Combionic Program); Associate Professor R Shepherd; Dr Ian Forster (Engineer); Lois Martin, Richard Dowell (Audiologists); Jim Patrick (Engineer); Dr Y.C. Tong (Joe); Dr H.L. (Lee) Seldon.

192 boxes
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