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Corporate entry Museum of Victoria (1983 - 1998)

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Collection management, History of Australian Engineering, History of Australian Science and History of Australian Technology
Melbourne, Victoria


The Museum of Victoria was formed in 1983, after an amalgamation took place between the Science Museum of Victoria and the National Museum of Victoria. In 1998 the Museum was renamed Museum Victoria.


 1858 - 1983 National Museum of Victoria
 1971 - 1983 Science Museum of Victoria
       1983 - 1998 Museum of Victoria
             1998 - Museum Victoria

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Archival resources

The University of Melbourne Archives

  • Department of Otolaryngology - Bionic Ear Records, 1949 - 2000; The University of Melbourne Archives. Details

Published resources


  • Museum Victoria, Treasures of the Museum, Victoria, Australia (Melbourne: Museum Victoria, 2004), 206 pp. Details
  • Rasmussen, Carolyn et al., A Museum for the people: A History of Museum Victoria and its predecessor institutions, 1854-2000 (Carlton North, Victoria: Scribe Publications, 2001), 420 pp. Details
  • Willis, Elizabeth (with Twigg, Karen), Behind Closed Doors: a catalogue of artefacts from Victorian psychiatric institutions held at the Museum of Victoria (Melbourne: Museum Victoria, 1994). Details

Journal Articles

  • Carey, Jane, 'Hope Black, née Macpherson (1919- ): First Female Curator at the Musuem of Victoria', Australasian Science, 21 (5) (2000), 46. Details



  • Aitken, Richard, 'The Mining Collection of the National Museum of Victoria, 1856-1871', MA thesis, University of Melbourne, 1990. Details

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