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Corporate entry Royal Society of Queensland (1884 - )

Queensland, Australia


Royal Society of Queensland January 1884
The Royal Society of Queensland was established in 1884 as the predecessor organisation to the Philosophical Society of Queensland (1859 - 1884). The founding purpose of the Royal Society of Queensland according to its original rules is the 'the furtherance of Natural Science and its application'. As of 2017 the focus of the Royal Society of Queensland is not limited to the natural sciences and according to its website 'encourages scientific investigation and the application of science, especially as may be relevant to the State of Queensland, and seeks to improve communication among scientists and the community'
The Royal Society of Queensland has produced a journal titled Proceedings since 1884 and continues to publish annually on topics from botany, the economics of natural resources and science-related policy.

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  • Royal Society of Queensland, The proceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland, date range from 1885 onwards, includes 25 volumes as of October 2017, Warwick and Sapsford, Queensland, Australia. Details

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