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Biographical entry Clifford, Harold Trevor (1927 - )

18 April 1927
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Trevor Clifford was an Honorary Research Associate of the Queensland Herbarium and an Honorary Fellow (Geoscience) of the Queensland Museum.


Throughout his career, which included a thirty-four year tenure at the University of Queensland, he received many scholarships and awards from top funding bodies including the Nuffield, Carlsberg German Cultural and University of Queensland Foundations. As part of his Master of Science Degree , Clifford mapped 180 square kilometres of the Dandenong Ranges, analysed the geographical distribution of the eucalypts, and prepared a relief model of the area. This study was the foundation for his life-long fascination with plant genetics, statistics and evolution. Clifford next received an Australian National University Scholarship to study at the University of Durham (U.K.) for a Doctor of Philosophy Degree. On completion of these studies he accepted a lectureship in Agricultural Botany at the University College of Ibadan in Nigeria. In 1958 he returned to Australia taking up a Lectureship in Botany at the University of Queensland. He retired in 1992 with the title of Prof Emeritus.


Education - Bachelor of Science (BSc) completed at the University of Melbourne
1948 - 1953
Career position - Botany Tutor, then Senior Tutor and part-time Lecturer at the University of Melbourne.
Education - Master of Science (MSc) completed at the University of Melbourne
1953 - 1955
Education - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) completed at Durham University (conferred 1956)
1955 - 1958
Career position - Lecturer in Agricultural Botany at University College, Ibadan in Nigeria
1958 - 1992
Career position - Lecturer and Professor of Botany at the University of Queensland
1965 -
Award - Fellow of the Linnean Society
Education - Doctor of Science (DSc) received from the University of Melbourne
Career position - Visiting Professor at the Agricultural University in Beijing, China
Career position - Visiting Professor at the University Nusa Cendana in Kapang, Indonesia

Archival resources

Adolph Basser Library, Australian Academy of Science

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State Library of Victoria, Australian Manuscripts Collection

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Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions

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