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Corporate entry Meteorological Branch/Bureau (1907 - 1955)

Commonwealth of Australia

1 January 1907
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
20 June 1955
Meteorology and Advisory or regulatory body
Reference No
CA 215
Legal Status
Agency of the Commonwealth of Australia
Melbourne, Victoria


The Meteorological Branch/Bureau was established under the authority of the Meteorology Act 1906 by formally bringing together the individual Colonial/State Meteorological Services that had existed prior to that time. It commenced operation as a Commonwealth agency on 1 January 1908. H. A. Hunt was appointed Commonwealth Meteorologist and took up the position on 1 January 1907. The Commonwealth Meteorologist's duties included: taking and recording meteorological observations; forecasting weather; the issue of storm warnings; the display of weather, flood, frost, and cold wave signals; and, distribution of meteorological information. At the time he was appointed the position was in the Postmaster-General's Department. However by 21 June 1907 positions within Meteorology were advertised with the Department of Home Affairs. Following the repeal of the Meteorology Act 1906, the Bureau was formally re-established, under the charge of the Director of Meteorology, by the Meteorology Act 1955.


 1907 - 1955 Meteorological Branch/Bureau
       1955 - Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology

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A. Smith & H. Morgan