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Corporate entry Directorate of Meteorological Services (D.Met.S.) (1941 - 1946)

Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)

April 1941
July 1946
Meteorology and Advisory or regulatory body


The Royal Australian Air Force's Directorate of Meteorological Services (commonly referred to as D.Met.S.) operated during the Second World War. By direction of the War Cabinet, the Meteorological Branch/Bureau passed to the control of the Department of Air in July 1940 with the designated task of providing all meteorological services required by the armed services, while at the same time continuing to meet civil requirements. The formal transfer was completed by April 1941. The D.Met.S. was partly staffed by enlisted personnel and partly by permanent and temporary civilian staff. Many members of the Meteorological Branch/Bureau joined the RAAF and worked in the D.Met.S. One of the tasks carried out was preparing short-range forecasts for air operations.

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