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Corporate entry Food Science Australia - CSIRO (1997 - )

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

North Ryde, New South Wales, Australia
Industrial or scientific research and Food or beverage industry
North Ryde, New South Wales


Food Science Australia replaced the CSIRO Division of Food Science and Technology. It is a joint venture of CSIRO and the Australian Food Industry Science Centre (AFISC), created in 1997. Food Science Australia develops methods of processing, packaging and distributing foods with an emphasis on efficiency, safety and quality.


 c. 1926 - 1931 CSIR Cold Storage Investigations
       1931 - 1940 CSIR Food Preservation and Transport Section
             1939 - 1962 CSIRO Dairy Research Section
             1940 - 1960 CSIRO Division of Food Preservation and Transport
                   1962 - 1971 CSIRO Division of Food Preservation
                   1962 - 1971 CSIRO Division of Dairy Research
                         1971 - 1988 CSIRO Division of Food Research
                               1988 - 1992 CSIRO Division of Food Processing
                                     1992 - 1997 CSIRO Division of Food Science and Technology
                                           1997 - Food Science Australia - CSIRO

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