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Cumming, D. A.
Some Public Works Engineers in Victoria in the Nineteenth Century
University of Melbourne, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Melbourne, 1985, 59 pp

Technical Report TR-85/10
- List of Victorian Parliamentary Papers 1853-1887
- Bibliography: p. A1-A5


These notes were prepared while studying the History of Transport Planning in Victoria, with particular emphasis on the development of railways and the demise of roads and shipping, between 1850 and 1900. They are a preliminary study of the enormous amount of information contained in these reports, which will repay further studies for equally important material on mining, communications including the telegraph and telephone, manufacturing, irrigation, ports and harbours, and a host of similar engineering topics.

Some Parliamentary Papers on Statistics, Agricultural Produce, and general economic information are included as background. Some early papers on the Telegraph, which was an important means of communication and a most significant Engineering achievement, are also included.

The author read through the indexes to each volume first, listed the papers which appeared worthy of further study, and then examined these to extract relevant detail. The papers were then read in succession backwards in time to find the origins of relevant developments, and forward in time to review the succeeding developments. Up to six passes in both directions were necessary to understand some developments.

The engineers listed are:
Adams, Robert
Barker, Charles E
Barrow, John
Bell, Francis
Bell, William Reid
Birnie, George
Blackburn, James (Jnr)
Blackburn, James (Snr)
Brache, Jacob
Brady, Joseph
Brown, Thomas H
Bryson, William Edward
Campbell, Henry Cadogan
Carmichael, Malcolm
Carpenter, Thomas
Carruthers, John
Chaffey, George
Chauncy, William Snell
Christopherson, Henry Oscar
Christy, Frederick Collier
Clarke, Andrew (Lt-Gen Sir)
Climie, John Campbell
Coane, John Montgomery
Collier, Jenkin
Coode, John (Sir)
Crawley, John William
Culcheth, William Wood
Cuthbert, Kingston
Dalziel, Thomas
Darbyshire, George Christian
Davidson, William
Dell, James
Dobson, Edward
Dods, Benjamin Hawkins
Donkin, Ralph B
Donnelly, William
Dow, James F
Downe, William Brynon
Doyne, William Thomas
Elsdon, William
Farrell, Frederick
Fletcher, George Avery
Ford, Robert Gray
Francis, George
Fulton, Robert
Fulton, Thomas
Gibbins, William
Gibson, G H
Gibson, Richard B
Gordon, George
Greene, William Henry
Griffin, John George
Hardie, William F
Harris, George William
Harrison, Alfred R C
Henderson, John Baillie
Henderson, Peter Edwin
Hewitson, James
Higinbotham, Thomas
Holmes, George
Hull, William Bennett
Irons, John
Jackson, Matthew Bullock
Johnson, Ambrose
Kerr, Andrew
Knight, George William
Krause, Ferdinand Moritz
Lange, Edward
Larrit, R W
Lindsay, Hugh
Lunt, John
Macarthy, John Arnold
Mais, Henry Coathupe
McGowan, Samuel Walker
Meickle, W
Merrett, Samuel Headen
Merritt, Thomas Henry
Millar, John
Mirls, Solomon
Moline, Lewis Pritchard
Moriarty, Edward Orpen
Mountain, Adrian Charles
Muntz, Thomas Bingham
Murphy, Francis (Sir)
Murray, Kynaston Lathrop
Murray, Stuart
Neal, W E
O'Hara, Henry
O'Hara, William
O'Keefe, Edward
Oldham, Thomas
Palmer, James
Pasley, Charles
Perrott, William Zackary
Phillips, John
Philpot, E
Pollard, Nathaniel Wilks
Purchas, Albert
Rawlinson, Thomas Ellis
Reilly, John
Rennick, F
Rose, Frederick Derby
Ross, (Capt)
Rowand, Charles
Rutland, Frederick
Ryley, Francis
Sankey, Richard Hieram
Scratchley, Peter Henry (Colonel)
Shakespear, Robert Henry
Smith, Alexander Kennedy
Smith, Henry
Snell, Edward
Steavenson, John
Steel, William Heron
Surplice, Alfred A
Swyer, Charles Robert
Taylor, Charles John
Thwaites, William
Victor, Henry Eltze
Walton, William
Wardell, William Wilkinson
Watson, Robert
Wells, A
Wilks, Clement
Woods, John
Zeal, William Austin (Sir)