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Corporate entry Northern Territory Herbarium (1954 - )

Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia


The Northern Territory Herbarium houses plant collections in Darwin and Alice Springs. Together, they contain roughly 245 000 specimens, comprising mainly of flowering plants. Most of the collection is captured in the HOLTZE Northern Territory Specimen Database.


In 1954, a Botany Section and Herbarium was established in Alice Springs, within the Animal Industry Branch of the Northern Territory Administration. George Chippendale, who was placed in charge of the existing small specimen collection, which was the basis for the current Northern Territory Herbarium. The Botany Section relocated in 1968 to the Arid Zone Research Institute south of Alice Springs.

In 1966, the second Northern Territory herbarium was established in Darwin. The Alice Springs Herbarium was expanded in 1993. Under the guidance of David Albrecht and Peter Latz, it grew from a small reference set to approximately 50 000 specimen.

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