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Biographical entry Chippendale, George McCartney (1921 - 2010)

18 April 1921
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
16 February 2010
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia


George Chippendale was a botanist specialising in Australian plants, particularly eucalypts. His Flora of Australia Vol. 19 Myrtaceae - Eucalyptus, Angophora (1988) established a new infra-generic system of classification of Eucalyptus. For this publication, he was awarded a Bicentennial Australia Day Medallion. He authored and co-authored many Eucalyptus species, which are listed in the Australian Plant Name Index.


Chippendale studied for a Bachelor of Science at Sydney University. In 1954 he moved to live and work in Alice Springs, where he collected many specimens to create the present Northern Territory Herbarium. In 1966 he became a staff member in the CSRIO Division of Forestry Research in Canberra, then known as the Forestry Research Institute. From 1972-1973, Chippendale was Botanical Liaison Officer at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. This work lead to the publication Herbarium specimens of eucalyptus photographed in Europe (1976). George Chippendale published several books on eucalypts, including a book on fodder trees and on Northern Territory plants.


1950 - 1954
Career position - Botanist
1954 - 1966
Career event - First resident taxonomist with the Northern Territory Administration
1966 -
Career event - Senior botanist with Forest Research Institute, Forestry and Timber Bureau
1972 - 1973
Career position - Botanical Liaison Officer, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

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Published resources

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Book Sections

Edited Books

  • Chippendale, George McCartney ed., Eucalyptus buds and fruits; illustrations of the buds and fruits of the genus with a list of authentic specimens from which the drawings were made (Canberra: Forestry and Timber Bureau, 1968), 96 pp. Details

Journal Articles

  • McMahon, Joy, 'George McCartney Chippendale 18 April 1921-16 February 2010', Australian Systematic Botany Society Newsletter (2010), 8-9. Details


See also

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