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Corporate entry CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research (2005 - 2014)

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

1 July 2005
Marine Science, Earth Sciences and Industrial or Scientific Research
Alternative Names
  • CMAR (Acronym)


CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research (CMAR) was formed on 1 July 2005 with the merger of CSIRO Marine Research and CSIRO Atmospheric Research. CMAR's work encompasses the assessment of atmospheric and earth systems and the prediction of climate, weather and ocean processes; and research to integrate coastal management and ensure marine resources and industries are sustainable. It has sites in Aspendale, Victoria; Canberra, ACT; Cleveland, Queensland; Floreat, Western Australia; and Hobart, Tasmania. CMAR also manages the National Facility - Ocean Research Vessel Southern Surveyor.


 c. 1937 - 1939 CSIRO Fisheries Investigations Section
       1939 - 1956 CSIRO Division of Fisheries
             1949 - 1954 CSIRO Meteorological Physics Research Section
             1956 - 1981 CSIRO Division of Fisheries and Oceanography
                   1954 - 1971 CSIRO Division of Meteorological Physics
                   1956 - 1981 CSIRO Division of Fisheries and Oceanography
                   1981 - 1988 CSIRO Division of Fisheries Research
                         1971 - 1988 CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Physics
                         1981 - 1997 CSIRO Division of Oceanography
                         1988 - 1997 CSIRO Division of Fisheries
                                - 2005 CSIRO Marine Sector
                               1988 - 2005 CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research
                               1997 - 2005 CSIRO Marine Research
                                     2005 - 2014 CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research

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Edited Books

  • Mawson, Vivienne, Tranter, David J. and Pearce, Alan F. eds, CSIRO at Sea: 50 Years of Marine Science (Hobart: CSIRO Marine Laboratories, 1988), 216 pp. Details


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