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Corporate entry CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research (1988 - 2005)

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

Aspendale, Victoria, Australia
30 June 2005
Industrial or scientific research and Meteorology
Aspendale, Victoria


The CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research took the place of the Division of Atmospheric Physics in 1988. Atmospheric Research carries out research in areas such as weather, climate and atmospheric pollution. This enables it to provide advice on issues such as air pollution, climate change and variability, ozone depletion and severe weather. On 1 July 2005 the Division was merged with CSIRO Marine to form CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research.


 1949 - 1954 CSIRO Meteorological Physics Research Section
       1954 - 1971 CSIRO Division of Meteorological Physics
             1971 - 1988 CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Physics
                   1988 - 2005 CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research
                         2005 - 2014 CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research

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  • Garratt, John, Angus, David and Holper, Paul, Winds of Change: Fifty Years of Achievements in the CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research 1946-1996 (Melbourne: CSIRO Publishing, 1998), 136 (148) pp. Details


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