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Corporate entry CSIRO Meteorological Physics Research Section (1949 - 1954)

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

19 May 1949
Highett, Victoria, Australia
Meteorology and Industrial or scientific research
Reference No
CA 3391
Legal Status
Agency of the Commonwealth of Australia
Highett, Victoria


Established in May 1949, the Meteorological Physics Research Section was located in Highett, Victoria. 1954 saw changes of both location and name for the Section, when it moved to new premises in Aspendale and was granted Divisional status, becoming the Division of Meteorological Physics.


 1949 - 1954 CSIRO Meteorological Physics Research Section
       1954 - 1971 CSIRO Division of Meteorological Physics
             1971 - 1988 CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Physics
                   1988 - 2005 CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research
                         2005 - 2014 CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research

Related People

  • Moriarty, W. W.

    Research Officer in the Meteorology and Physics Section (Division of Atmospheric Research), CSIRO

    Date: 1951 - 1956

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Resource Sections

  • 'Primary description of agency CA 3391; CSIRO, Meteorological Physics Research Section/ (from 1954) Division of Meteorological Physics/ (from 1971) Division of Atmospheric Physics. Registration of entity: 2 October 1987', in RecordSearch, National Archives of Australia, 2000, Details

See also

  • Webb, Eric K. ed., Windows on Meteorology: Australian Perspective (Melbourne: CSIRO Publishing, 1997), 342 pp. Details

Ailie Smith