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Biographical entry Yen, Alan Louey (1950 - 2017)

20 May 1950
Kew, Victoria, Australia
20 March 2017
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Entomologist and Invertebrate ecologist


Alan Yen was an entomologist and invertebrate ecologist whose research interests ranged from the promotion of habitat preservation to the Gippsland giant earthworm and the potential for insects to become a major source of dietary protein. He was a recognised authority on the systematics and ecology of psyllids. During his 20 years with the National Museum of Victoria Yen was instrumental in the cataloguing of taxa in significant Victorian habitats both as a record of the biota and as a means of measuring environmental health. Other research was on risks associated with wind dispersal of insects. His advocacy led to the inclusion of living arachnids in highly popular Museum displays. Yen was active in the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria for over 30 years being President from 2007 to 2009, and a moving force behind the inauguration of the Terrestrial Invertebrates Group and the 2005 symposium to celebrate the Club's history. His published output included popular guides of Victoria's spiders and scorpions, and Australia's invertebrates. He worked with colleagues to publish the manuscript of the 6th volume of Charles French's Handbook of the destructive insects of Victoria, "lost" for 100 years.



1981 - 2001
Career position - Curator, Invertebrate Survey Department, National Museum of Victoria
2001 - ?
Career position - Associate Professor, La Trobe University
2001 - ?
Career position - Research Leader in Invertebrate Sciences, Victorian Department of Primary Industries
2001 - 2010
Career position - Council Member, Field Naturalists Club of Victoria
2002 - 2013
Career position - Convenor, Terrestrial Invertebrate Group, Field Naturalists Club of Victoria
2005 - 2007
Career position - Member of Council, Royal Society of Victoria
2007 - 2009
Career position - President, Field Naturalists Club of Victoria

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