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Corporate entry CSL Limited (1990 - )

Parkville, Victoria, Australia
Pharmaceuticals or Medical Aids
Reference No
ABN: 99 051 588 348
45 Poplar Road, Parkville, Victoria 3052


The Commonwealth Serum Laboratories Commission became a public company in 1990, CSL Limited. CSL develops, manufactures and markets products such as pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, cell culture reagents, veterinary vaccines and human plasma products. CSL has manufacturing facilities both in Australia and overseas.

'CSL Limited is an Australian public company specialising in the development, manufacture and marketing of biologically based health care products which benefit the community.' from (28/11/00)


 1911 - 1916 Commonwealth Vaccine Depot
       1916 - 1961 Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL)
             1961 - 1990 Commonwealth Serum Laboratories Commission
                   1990 - CSL Limited

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  • Khadem, Nassim, 'Beautiful Blood: How CSL Grew From Humble Beginnings To Conquer The World', The Age (2018), 8-9. Details


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  • Reed, Geoff A., 'Veterinarians in the development of an Australian pharmaceutical industry', Australian Veterinary History Record, 62 (2012), 9-36. Details

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