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Corporate entry Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) (1916 - 1961)

Commonwealth of Australia

1 January 1916
Parkville, Victoria, Australia
2 November 1961
Analytical Services and Pharmaceuticals or Medical Aids
Reference No
CA 632
Legal Status
Agency of the Commonwealth of Australia
Parkville, Victoria


In 1916 the Commonwealth Vaccine Depot became the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories. The Laboratories made many vaccines and other health products available to the Australian public. These included items such as insulin for diabetics, penicillin and Tiger Snake Antivenene. The Laboratories also took part in the pioneering of the use of human blood products. In 1961 the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories Commission was established, which continued and expanded the work carried out by the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories.


 1911 - 1916 Commonwealth Vaccine Depot
       1916 - 1961 Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL)
             1961 - 1990 Commonwealth Serum Laboratories Commission
                   1990 - CSL Limited


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