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Corporate entry New South Wales Department of Agriculture (1908 - )

State of New South Wales

22 January 1908
New South Wales, Australia
Agricultural industry and Advisory or regulatory body
Alternative Names
  • NSW Agriculture
Reference No
SRNSW: Agency 543
Legal Status
Agency of the State of New South Wales
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


The NSW Department of Agriculture was formed out of the existing "sub-department" in the Department of Mines and Agriculture in 1907 through an Act of Parliament. It commenced formal operations early in 1908. The Department administers policy and Acts of Parliament relating to rural industries including scientific research, industry education and extension.

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  • Mylrea, P.J., In the Service of Agriculture: a Centennial History of the New South Wales Deprtment of Agriculture, 1890-1990 (Sydney: NSW Agriculture, 1990), 282 pp. Details


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