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Biographical entry Dun, Robert Bruce Macleay (1930 - )


16 February 1930
Animal breeder


Robert Bruce M. Dun, along with Helen Newton Turner and Frederick Harold W. Morley, led a team of CSIRO and State Departments of Agriculture scientists during the 1950s to apply new techniques of animal breeding to the Australian Merino. These techniques depended on first determining what characteristics were required by the end consumers of wool, then investigating how they could best be measured, to what extent they were inherited, to what extent different characteristics were correlated and how they could be combined for selection. Dun was educated at the University of Sydney (BVSc, PhD).



1954 - 1965
Career position - Research Leader at the Trangie Agricultural Research Station
1965 - 1967
Career position - Director of Animal Production Research in the New South Wales Department of Agriculture
1968 - 1971
Career position - Executive Officer of the Australian Meat Research Committee
1971 - 1977
Career position - Assistant Director-General of Animal Production Research, New South Wales Department of Agriculture
Award - Urrbrae Memorial Award received
1977 - 1983
Career position - Director-General of Animal Production Research
1979 - 1987
Award - Fellow, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences
1983 - 1985
Career position - Director of the Australian Development Assistance Bureau
1985 - 1993
Career position - Director-General of the Australian International Development Assistance Bureau
1987 -
Award - Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (FTSE)
Award - Member of the Order of Australia (AM)

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