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Corporate entry Board of Science (1858 - 1860)

Colony of Victoria

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


The Board of Science was established in 1858 by the Government of Victoria to provide itself with a policy and advisory body in relation to the many of scientific and technical questions frequently arising. This was at a period of rapidly expanding responsibilities for government in scientific and technical areas and followed several years in which the appointment of scientific government officers and the establishment of government scientific offices had been largely ad hoc. Members included all the Government scientists: Ferdinand Mueller (Government Botanist), Alfred Selwyn (Government Geologist), Frederick McCoy (Director of the Museum), Andrew Clarke (Surveyor General), Charles Pasley (Commissioner of Public Works), G. C. Darbyshire (Engineer of the Victorian Railways) and John Humffray (Commissioner of Mines). Most of the Board's activities centred on mining matters. The Board was disbanded in 1860.

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  • Cohn, Helen M., 'Some Foundations of Science in Victoria in the Decade After Separation', MA thesis, University of Melbourne, 1990. Details

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