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Corporate entry Western Australian Museum (1891 - )

Alternative Names
  • Geological Museum (Former name, 1891 - 1897)
  • Western Australian Museum and Art Gallery (Former name, 1897 - 1959)


The Western Australian Museum was established in 1891. Originally known as the Geological Museum it was located in the old Perth Gaol. In 1897 it was renamed the Western Australian Museum and Art Gallery, before becoming the Western Australian Museum in 1959 when the Art Gallery and Museum became independent institutions.


The Western Australian Museum was established as a statutory body in 1969. As a statutory body it has five branches in addition to the Perth branch known as The Western Australian Museum. These include:

  • Museum of Geraldton, which focuses on the Mid West region of Western Australia;
  • Museum of the Goldfields, which focuses on the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia;
  • WA Maritime Museum, located in Fremantle focuses on Western Australia's relationship with all things maritime;
  • Museum of the Great Southern, which focuses on the Southern region of Western Australia; and
  • WA shipwrecks Museum, which is a maritime archaeology museum

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