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Biographical entry Bowdler, Sandra (1946 - )

29 June 1946
Educator and Archaeologist


Sandra Bowdler was appointed Professor of Archaeology at the University of Western Australia in 1983. Research areas of interest to Bowdler include the archaeology of Aboriginal Australia, especially Tasmania's Shark Bay and coastal New South Wales, pre-neolithic archaeology of East and Southeast Asia and midden analysis.



Education - BA (hons), University of Sydney
1971 - 1972
Career position - Tutor of Prehistory at the University of Papua New Guinea
1973 - 1976
Career position - Research Scholar in the Department of Prehistory Research at he School of Pacific Studies at Australian National University (ANU), Australian Capital Territory
1977 - 1980
Career position - Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of New England (UNE), New South Wales
1978 - 1987
Career position - Member, Prehistory Committee, Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies
Education - PhD, Australian National University
Career position - President, Australian Archaeology Association
Career position - Consultant for Aboriginal Sites with the Forestry Commission of New South Wales
Career position - Sydney Archaeological Consultant
1982 - 1984
Career position - Member, Executive Committee for Australasia, ICOMOS
1983 -
Career position - Professor of Archaeology at the University of Western Australia
1983 - 1992
Career position - Member, Aboriginal Cultural Materials Committee
1984 -
Career position - Member, Management Group, International Committee of Archaeological Heritage Management
1984 - 1989
Career position - Member, Board of Trustees, Western Australian Museum
1988 - 1992
Career position - Member, National Cultural Heritage Committee
Life event - Retired

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Published resources

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