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Corporate entry Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (1882 - )

25 September 1882
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Alternative Names
  • RPA (Acronym)


The hospital was funded by a public subscription and originally designed as a memorial to Prince Alfred's survival of an 1868 assassination attempt made against him in Sydney, Australia. The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPA) opened in 1882 and has become a major teaching hospital and healthcare provider.


After the death of a patient at Sydney Hospital believed to be because of a lack of nursing care (the patient was described by some sources as "filthy and covered in vermin") in 1866 and consistent pressure from doctors beginning in 1857, Sir Henry Parkes and surgeon Alfred Roberts wrote to Florence Nightingale requesting help and advice on reforming hospitals in the colony of New South Wales.

In addition to the Nightingale approach to the physical design of the hospital building, the Royal Prince Alfred also employed formerly trained nurses marking a shift from untrained lay-women acting as nurses.

The University of Sydney also played a substantial role in establishing the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and continues to have a close relationship with the hospital today.

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