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Corporate entry Audiology (1973 - )

Department of Otolaryngology

Victoria Parade, East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Alternative Names
  • School of Audiology (Also known as)


Graeme Clark: "Audiology (the "School of Audiology") was established in 1973 at the University of Melbourne, and was the first of its kind in Australia. It was part of the Department of Otolaryngology under Graeme Clark, and was situated in East Melbourne. Audiology had close links with many schools for deaf children, including Taralye, Hear and Say, Shepherd Centre, and the Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre. Following Clark's retirement in 2004, Audiology moved to the University of Melbourne's Parkville precinct to enlarge its capacity to teach students in audiology and speech science. Audiology continued to play an increasing role in evaluating the Bionic Ear and other hearing devices."

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