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Corporate entry Cochlear Implant Clinic (1985 - )

Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital

East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


The Cochlear Implant Clinic was established by the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital in 1985. It was the world's first publicly funded clinic for cochlear implants. The clinic also took part in clinical research in areas such as improving the cochlear implant speech processor, programming the speech processor for young children, binaural implants (cochlear implants in both ears) and combionic hearing aids (which combine the cochlear implant in one ear with a speech processing hearing aid in the other). By 1991, 152 cochlear implant operations had been conducted at the clinic, and a total of 2000 by 2010.

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  • University of Melbourne. Human Communication Research Centre, Human Communication Research Centre: Fourth Annual Report 1991 (Melbourne: The University of Melbourne, Department of Otolaryngology, 1991), 47 pp. Details


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