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Biographical entry Maroske, Sara (1961 - )

5 March 1961
Warracknabeal, Victoria, Australia
Science historian


Sara Maroske has published and taught extensively in the history of botany, natural history and environmental history. She has been co-editor Historical records of Australian Science since 2015, having been Book review editor for the journal 2010-2014. Maroske is an Editor of the 'The correspondence of Ferdinand von Mueller Project', and an Honorary Associate at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. Current projects include biographies of Ferdinand von Mueller and Sophie Ducker.



Education - BA, University of Melbourne
1989 - 1999
Career position - Researcher, Correspondence of Ferdinand von Mueller Project
Education - PhD, University of Melbourne
2010 - 2014
Career position - Book review editor, Historical Records of Australian Science
2015 -
Career position - Co-editor, Historical Records of Australian Science

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Published resources

Book Sections

  • Gascoigne, John and Maroske, Sara, 'Colonial Science and Technology' in The Cambridge History of Australia, vol. 1, Indigenous and Colonial Australia, Bashford, Alison and Macintyre, Stuart, eds (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013), pp. 438-86. Details
  • Gillbank, L. and Maroske, S., 'Behind the botany of the Horn Expedition: Ferdinand Mueller's documentation of the larapintine flora' in Exploring central Australia: society, the environment and the 1894 Horn Expedition, Morton, S. R. and Mulvaney, D. J., eds (Chipping Norton, N.S.W.: Surrey Beatty & Sons, 1996), pp. 209-21. Details
  • Maroske, Sara, 'The Whole Great Continent as a Present: Nineteenth-century Australian Women Workers in Science' in On the Edge of Discovery: Australian Women in Science, Farley Kelly, ed. (Melbourne: Text Publishing Company, 1993), pp. 13-34. Details
  • Maroske, Sara, 'Germans at the Melbourne Botanic Garden and Herbarium, 1853-96' in Baron von Mueller's German Melbourne, Ellen I. Mitchell, ed. (Bundoora, Victoria: La Trobe University, 2000), pp. 24-34. Details

Conference Papers

  • Maroske, Sara, 'Regardfully Yours Ferd. von Mueller', in Recovering Science: Strategies and Models for the Past, Present and Future: Proceedings of a Conference Held at the University of Melbourne, October 1992 edited by Tim Sherratt, Lisa Jooste and Rosanne Clayton (Canberra: Australian Science Archives Project, 1995), pp. 35-38.. Details

Edited Books

  • Home, R. W., Lucas, A. M., Maroske, Sara, Sinkora, D. M., and Voigt, J. H. eds, Regardfully Yours: Selected Correspondence of Ferdinand von Mueller, Volume 2, 1860-1875, vol. 2 (Bern: Peter Lang, 2002), 865 pp. Details
  • Home, R. W., Lucas, A.M., Maroske, Sara, Sinkora, D.M. and Voigt, J.H. eds, Regardfully Yours: Selected Correspondence of Ferdinand von Mueller, Volume 1, 1840-1859, vol. 1 (Berne: Peter Lang Verlag, 1998), 850 pp. Details
  • Home, R. W., Lucas, A.M., Maroske, Sara, Sinkora, D.M., Voigt, J.H. and Wells, M. eds, Regardfully Yours: Selected Correspondence of Ferdinand von Mueller, Volume 3, 1876-1896, vol. 3 (Bern: Peter Lang, 2006), 909 pp. Details

Journal Articles

  • Archer, B.; Maroske, S., 'Sarah Brooks - Plant Collector for Ferdinand Mueller', The Victorian Naturalist, 113 (1996), 188-194. Details
  • Brown-May, A. and Maroske, S., 'Breaking into the quietude: re-reading the personal life of Ferdinand von Mueller', Public History Review, 3 (1994), 36-63. Details
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Newspaper Articles




  • Maroske, Sara, 'Science by Correspondence: Ferdinand Mueller and Botany in Nineteenth Century Australia', PhD thesis, University of Melbourne, 2005, 238 pp. Details

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