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Biographical entry Bradshaw, F. J. (Jack) (1941 - )

15 June 1941


Jack Bradshaw's forestry career has centred on resource management and silviculture in the eucalypt forests of Western Australia.


Jack Bradshaw began work with the Forests Department of Western Australia in 1963 where he was engaged in forest inventory, yield regulation and resource planning. During this time he also undertook research into the application of aerial photography for dieback detection and mapping. He was appointed planning officer for the southern region in 1975 where he was involved in the development of the department's GIS systems for forest planning. From 1983 his work centred on native forest silviculture and he was appointed Manager of the Silviculture Branch in the WA Department of Conservation and Land Management in 1987, responsible for silvicultural practice and nursery management. As Manager of the Forest Management Branch (from 1993) Jack Bradshaw was involved in the development of the Western Australian Regional Forest Agreement. From 1992 to 1998 he lectured in silviculture at Edith Cowan University and the University of Western Australia. Since 1999 he has worked as a private consultant on various projects including catchment management, native forest silviculture, sandalwood inventory, yield regulation and the management of private native forests.


Education - Diploma of Forestry, Australian Forestry School, Canberra
Education - Bachelor of Science (Forestry), University of Western Australia
Career event - Churchill Fellow
Career event - Fellow of the Institute of Foresters Australia
Award - Inaugural W.A. Forester of the Year, Institute of Foresters Australia
Award - NW Jolly Medal, Institute of Foresters of Australia
Career event - Registered Professional Forester

Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions

Book Sections

  • Bradshaw, F.J., 'Reference material for Jarrah Forest.' in Sustainable Forest Management Series, FEM Technical Report (Perth, W.A.: Department of Parks and Wildlife, 2013). Details

Conference Papers

  • Bradshaw, F.J. and Chandler, R.J., 'Full Coverage at Large Scale.', in Symposium on Remote Sensing for Vegetation Damage Assessment. Seattle, 1978 (Falls Church, VA: International Society of Photogrammetry. Commission VII., 1978).. Details

Edited Books

  • Raison, R.J. and Squire, R.O. eds, Forest Management in Australia: Implications for carbon budgets. Part 1 of 2. NCAS Technical Report No. 32 (Canberra: Commonwealth of Australia, Australian Greenhouse Office, 2007), 400 pp. Section 5: Western Australia (pp. 193-238). Details

Journal Articles

  • Bradshaw, F.J., 'Trends in silvicultural practices in the native forests of Western Australia.', Australian Forestry, 62 (3) (1999), 255-264. Details
  • Bradshaw, F.J. and Rayner, M.E., 'Age Structure of the Karri Forest: 2. Projection of Future Forest Structure and Implications for Management.', Australian Forestry, 60 (3) (1997), 188-195. Details


Jack Bradshaw, Peter Fagg, Christine Moje