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Biographical entry Green, Andrew Ashley (1946 - )

25 December 1946
Perth, Western Australia, Australia


Andrew Green is an expert in airborne and space-borne geophysics and remote sensing. In the 1970s he completed research in space-based spectroscopy and in his early years at the CSIRO, developed one of the world's first image processing facilities for the removal of background 'noise' from satellite data. As Director and then Project Leader of the CRC for Australian Mineral Exploration Technologies (1991-2000), Green was also directly involved in the development of the TEMPEST airborne electromagnetic system. Green retired from the CSIRO in 2001.



Career event - Joined the CSIRO Division of Mineral Physics
1987 - 1990
Career position - Assistant Chief, CSIRO Division of Mineral Physics and Mineralogy
1990 - 1992
Career position - Deputy CSIRO Chief of Division of Exploration Geoscience
1992 - 2001
Career position - Director of the Cooperative Research Centre for Australian Mineral Exploration Technologies

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