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Biographical entry Czulak, Józef Karol (1915 - 1985)

18 April 1915
Krakow, Austria-Hungary
5 August 1985
Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia
Food technologist


Józef Karol Czulak lead a team at the CSIRO Dairy Research Laboratories who developed cheddaring, milling, salting, hooping and pressing equipment for cheese manufacture in the mid 1950s. Working with the CSIRO Division of Food Research, he made major contributions to the dairy industry in Australia by providing a solution to the issues surrounding cheese starter cultures and research and development that made possible the mechanisation of cheesemaking.

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  • Bastian, J. M.; McBean, D. McG.; Smith, M. B., 50 Years of Food Research (Melbourne: CSIRO, 1979). Details

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