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Biographical entry Campbell, Archibald James (1853 - 1929)

18 February 1853
Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia
11 September 1929
Box Hill, Victoria, Australia
Ornithologist and Photographer


Archibald Campbell was active in the Field Naturalists' Club of Victoria and was President of the (Royal) Australian Ornithologists' Union in 1909 and 1928. He wrote widely on Australian birds and in 1900 published his major work Nests and Eggs of Australian Birds. He used lantern slides of his photographs of eucalypts in public lectures at the Working Men's College in Melbourne, to awaken public interest in their conservation.


Born Fitzroy, Victoria, 18 February 1853. Died Box Hill, Victoria, 11 September 1929. Victorian civil service from 1869; weigher, Department of Trade and Customs from 1872; retired from the Federal Customs Department July 1914. Colonial Member, British Ornithologists' Union; Honorary Fellow, American Ornithologists' Union. Founder, Victorian Wattle Club (later League) 1899; one of the founders of the (Royal) Australasian Ornithologists' Union 1901 and president 1909 and 1928; founder, Bird Observers' Club 1905. Published Nests and Eggs of Australian Birds in 1900. Contributed popular articles on the birds of Australia to The Australasian newspaper for years. One of his sons was Archibald George Campbell (q.v.)

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