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Corporate entry School of Medicine

The University of Melbourne

Parkville, Victoria, Australia
Education and Medical Research
Parkville, Victoria


The School of Medicine at the University of Melbourne is located within the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences. The School can trace its history back to 1862, when a school medicine was first introduced at the university.

Related People

  • Barrett, James William (1862 - 1945)

    William Barrett held multiple positions at the University of Melbourne including lecturer in the School of Medicine, Vice-Chancellor 1931-1935, and then Chancellor 1935-1939.

  • Bird, Frederic Dougan (1858 - 1929)

    Frederic Bird held multiple roles within the school of medicine at the University of Melbourne including demonstrating in anatomy between 1884 and 1887 and lecturing in surgery between 1896 and 1920.

    Date: c. 1884 - c. 1920

  • Bird, Samuel Dougan (1832 - 1904)

    Samuel Bird lectured in the School of Medicine at the University of Melbourne between 1869 and 1887.

    Date: 1869 - 1887

  • Tracy, Richard Thomas (1826 - 1874)

    Richard Tracy was lecturer in obstetrics and diseases of women at the University of Melbourne

Published resources


  • Allen, H. B., History of the Medical School. in University of Melbourne Medical School Jubilee 1914 (Melbourne: Ford & Son, 1914). Details


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