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Corporate entry National Meteorological Analysis Centre

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Meteorology and Advisory or regulatory body
Melbourne, Victoria


The National Meteorological Analysis Centre, located within the Bureau of Meteorology, took the place of the Southern Hemisphere Analysis Centre. It was one of three World Meteorological Centres operated by the World Meteorological Organization, producing analyses and prognoses of large-scale weather systems to support the forecasting and warning activities of the Bureau's regional forecasting centres and the briefing services provided to major Australian airports. It later underwent a name change, becoming the National Meteorological Centre.


 ? - 1940s Air Mass and Frontal Analysis Section
       1941 - 1960s Central Analysis Office
       1959 - 1965 International Antarctic Analysis Centre (IAAC)
             1964 - ? Southern Hemisphere Analysis Centre
                    National Meteorological Analysis Centre
                         1985 - 1990s National Meteorological Centre

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Journal Articles

  • Gentilli, J., 'A History of Meteorological and Climatological Studies in Australia', University Studies in History, 5 (1967), 54-88. Details


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