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Corporate entry Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Authority (1949 - )

1 August 1949
Cooma North, New South Wales, Australia
Energy and Advisory or regulatory body
Reference No
CA 75
Legal Status
Agency of the Commonwealth of Australia
Cooma North, New South Wales


Established in August 1949, the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Authority provides hydro-electric work in the Snowy Mountains area.

Published resources


  • Collis, Brad, Snowy: the making of modern Australia (Sydney: Hodder & Stoughton, 1990), 304 pp. Details
  • Neal, Laura Margaret, Snowy Mountains Story (Cooma: Cooma Municipal Council, 1979). Details

Journal Articles

  • Dann, H. E., 'Two Decades of Engineering - the Snowy Mountains Scheme', Journal of the Institution of Engineers, Australia, 41 (3) (1969), 23-30. Details


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