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Corporate entry Mount Bischoff Tin Mining Company (1873 - )

1 August 1873
Waratah, Tasmania, Australia
Metallurgy and Mineralogy or mining
Waratah, Tasmania


The Mount Bischoff Tin Mining Company was formed in 1873 under the direction of James Smith and Launceston solicitor, William Ritchie. The company ran the Mount Bischoff Tin Mine, which struggled to survive in the early days. This was mainly due to the fact that the unmade roads which accessed the mine were almost impassable for many months of the year. Eventually a tramway was built to overcome the transport problems and the mine became a successful venture. The Mount Bischoff Tin Mining Company was also responsible for installing Tasmania's first hydro electric generating plant (1893). The power was initially used to supply lighting for the works area and the Mine Manager's residence.

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  • Preston, Keith, 'Mount Bischoff Tin Mines: Pioneers of Water Power in the Tasmanian Mining Industry', Journal of Australasian Mining History, 8 (2010), 148-71. Details


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