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Corporate entry Forests Commission Victoria (1918 - 1983)

State of Victoria

Victoria, Australia
Forestry regulation and Advisory or regulatory body
Alternative Names
  • Department of State Forests (Victoria) (Also known as)
  • FCV (Acronym)
Reference No
VA 534
Legal Status
Public Record Office Victoria, Registered Agency


The Forests Commission was first established in 1918 with three members (Forests; Mines and Water Supply; and Mines Department) for the purpose of providing continuous management of Victoria's State forests.


The Department was responsible for State Forests and forestry policy, including issuing leases and licences, planting and/or thinning of forests, the development of plantations, forest renewal, protection and management, nurseries, forest schools, prevention and supervision of fires within forest areas, the development of commercial aspects of forestry including harvesting and marketing of produce, provision of recreation facilities, protection of wildlife, forestry research and recommendations on the acquisition or alienation of land for forest purposes. From the 1930s, it also had an interest in soil conservation. In 1983, the Forests Commission (Department of State Forests) and the two members were consolidated into the new Department of Conservation, Forests and Lands.


 1918 - 1983 Forests Commission Victoria
       1983 - 1990 Victorian Department of Conservation, Forests and Lands
             1990 - 1992 Victorian Department of Conservation and Environment
                   1992 - 1996 Victorian Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
                         1996 - 2002 Department of Natural Resources and Environment
                               2003 - 2013 Department of Primary Industries
                               2003 - 2013 Department of Sustainability and Environment
                                     2013 - Department of Environment and Primary Industries
                                     2013 - Department of Environment and Primary Industries

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Book Sections

  • Public Record Office of Victoria, '3.6.9 Department of State Forests 1908-1983 (Forests Commission 1918-1983 [VA 534])' in List of Holdings 1985: Public Record Office (1985). Details


Resource Sections

  • 'VA 534 Department of State Forests (Forests Commission) 1908-1983', in Public Record Office Victoria online catalogue, Public Record Office Victoria, 2002, Details

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