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Corporate entry Meat Research Corporation (1991 - 1998)

Commonwealth of Australia

July 1991
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
30 June 1998
Food or beverage industry, Advisory or regulatory body and Industrial or scientific research
Reference No
CA 4395
Legal Status
Agency of the Commonwealth of Australia
Sydney, New South Wales


In 1991 the Australian Meat and Livestock Research and Development Corporation was renamed the Meat Research Corporation. The Meat Research Corporation was responsible for the formation of several commercial companies. One such company was Australian Meat Technology Pty. Ltd., which was formed from the CSIRO's Meat Research Laboratory. In June 1998 the Meat Research Committee joined with the Australian Meat and Livestock Corporation to form Meat and Livestock Australia.


 1960 - 1966 Australian Cattle and Beef Research Committee
       1966 - 1985 Australian Meat Research Committee
             1985 - 1991 Australian Meat and Livestock Research Development Corporation
                   1991 - 1998 Meat Research Corporation
                         1998 - Meat and Livestock Australia

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