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Corporate entry Telectronics Pty Ltd (1963 - 1996)

Lane Cove, New South Wales, Australia
Pharmaceuticals or Medical Aids
Lane Cove, New South Wales


Telectronics was Australia's first successful high-tech medical electronics company manufacturing DC defibrillators, cardiac monitors and implantable cardiac pacemakers. Following two years of research and development the first pacemaker production facility was established in 1965. Development of DC defibrillators and heart monitors began earlier. Telectronics early research and development was funded by its founder, chairman and managing director Noel Gray, and his supporters. In 1966, after additionally developing electrodes and leads, the first pacemaker sales commenced. From then on (until its demise in 1996) Telectronics was responsible for equipping Australian hospitals' coronary care wards with cost effective monitoring and defibrillation equipment, and for advances which expanded the quality and scope of pacing therapy.

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Archival resources

Private hands (contact Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre)

  • Telectronics - unpublished manuscript, 1987; Private hands (contact Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre). Details

Published resources


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