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Biographical entry Hopper, Stephen Donald (1951 - )




Stephen Hopper is a Western Australian botanist, specialising in plant conservation biology. He is best known for pioneering research leading to positive conservation outcomes in south-west Australia - one of the few temperate-zone global biodiversity hotspots - and for the collaborative description of 300 new plant taxa (eucalypts, orchids, and the kangaroo paw family Haemodoraceae). He is author and co-author of over 250 scientific publications, and 14 books and monographs.



1977 - 1988
Career position - Australia's first Flora Conservation Research Officer, Western Australia
1988 - 1992
Career position - Senior Principal Research Scientist, Department of Conservation and Land Management, Western Australia
Career event - Fulbright Senior Scholar at the University of Georgia and Miller Visiting Research Professor at the University of California, Berkeley
Taxonomy event - Eucalyptus praetermissa Brooker & Hopper
1992 - 1999
Career position - Director, Kings Park and Botanic Gardens
1999 - 2004
Career position - Chief Executive Officer of the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority
2006 - 2012
Career position - Chief Executive Officer, Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, London
2012 -
Career position - Winthrop Professor of Biodiversity, University of Western Australia.

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Journal Articles

  • Brooker, M.I.H. and Hopper, S.D., 'A taxonomic revision of Eucalyptus wandoo, E. redunca and allied species (Eucalyptus series Levispermae Maiden-Myrtaceae) in Western Australia.', Nuytsia, vol. 8, no. 1, 1991, pp. 1-189. Details
  • Brooker, M.I.H. and Hopper, S.D., 'New series, subseries, species and subspecies of Eucalyptus (Myrtaceae) from Western Australia and from South Australia.', Nuytsia, vol. 9, no. 1, 1993, pp. 1-68. Details
  • Byrne, M and Hopper, SD, 'Granite outcrops as ancient islands in old landscapes: evidence from the phylogeography and population genetics of Eucalyptus caesia (Myrtaceae) in Western Australia.', Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, vol. 93, 2008, pp. 177-188. Details
  • Hopper, Stephen, 'Dr M. I. H. (Ian) Brooker AM 2nd June 1934 - 25th June 2016', Australasian Systematic Botany Society Newsletter, vol. 168/9, 2016, pp. 54-62. Details

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  • 'List of eucalypts published under this authority using abbreviation search 'Hopper' and family 'Myrtaceae'', Australian Plant Name Index (APNI), Australian National Botanic Gardens, 2012, Details

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